Smith Restaurant

Smith may come across as really chill but don’t let that fool you.  Everything at Smith has been carefully orchestrated by owner Renda Abdo and her team to appear effortless, giving you an experience for the senses.

Situated in a three story brownstone on Church just north of Wellesley, Smith can easily be missed by first-timers as their name does not scream at you from neon lights.  No need when their reviews say it loud and clear – this place is amazing!

On our first visit there over a long weekend, we waited about 20 minutes for a table.  Seems a bit crazy when you’re hungry but we saw what was coming out of their kitchen and decided it was worth the wait.  They didn’t disappoint.

Foodies will love Smith’s menu which features some of your favourite comfort foods with a twist along with options that will please every palate.  My favourite for brunch is their take on Huevos Rancheros.


Their decor is eclectic with a mix of polished concrete, antiques and unusual art such as the collection of ballet slippers suspended from the ceiling on the third floor.  The atmosphere is sexy in a mature kind of way that doesn’t slap you in the face but surrounds you with sensuality.  The food is beautifully plated and even though this is somewhat casual dining they know the art of setting a table.   Consistency is key with Smith and I'm wowed every time I go there.

Great food and great service are the cornerstones of a successful restaurant but Smith understands that dining out needs to stimulate all of your senses if they want to keep you coming back for more.  

Be sure to check out their other restaurants, 7 West Cafe and Wish Restaurant.  I highly recommend the "apple walnut steel cut oatmeal pancakes with salted butter and cider syrup" at Wish but you better call dibs as they will only make two orders per table.  Bon appetit!

Smith Restaurant
553 Church St

It's Been a While...

It really has been a while since I've shared anything with you.  That's not to say that I haven't been discovering new places to have brunch in Toronto (The Hogtown Cure) or learning about interesting things to do (I plan on checking out axe throwing at BATL), I've just been busy getting my career in high gear!  

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Global Cheese

Global Cheese is a family owned and operated utopia for cheese lovers and has been in business since 1970.  You’ll always get a warm greeting and the chance to “try before you buy” when you walk through the door from Rosemarie (whose father founded Global Cheese),her husband Manny and the whole crew.  It has been one of the mainstays of Kensington Market and my favourite place to shop for cheese since I was introduced to this cheese heaven 10 years ago.

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Urban Gardener - Vertical Gardening

If you're short on green space, want to grow your own veggies and love giving back, then a vertical garden may be perfect for you.  Vertical gardens are a cost effective, sustainable and an easy to maintain alternative to conventional gardens that can be installed with as little as just over 5 square feet of ground space.  These simple but brilliant growing structures are for gardeners of all levels of experience and according to non-profit organization, CanYALove (CYL), they are beneficial in so many ways and available right here in Toronto.

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Urban Gardener - Community Gardening

I love living in the city so I've been willing to sacrifice a little green in my living space so I could have everything I love about Toronto on my doorstep.  Luckily, most Toronto neighbourhoods have beautiful green spaces but I discovered that I really enjoy gardening and love the idea of being able to walk into my own garden to pick fresh herbs and vegetables.  

What can a city girl do if she doesn't have a garden but wants to put her green thumbs to work?

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Soul in the City with Sean Jones

Sean Jones performance will feature songs from his new album, "Waiting for Midnight", which takes us back to a time musically that had the power to influence so many of today's artists. This is "grown people music" for everyone of every age.  With a voice as smooth as honey and a presence that speaks to another time and place, Sean Jones has definitely brought classy back!

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