Global Cheese

Cheese beautiful cheese!

Global Cheese is a family owned and operated utopia for cheese lovers and has been in business since 1970.  You’ll always get a warm greeting and the chance to “try before you buy” when you walk through the door from Rosemarie (whose father founded Global Cheese),her husband Manny and the whole crew.  It has been one of the mainstays of Kensington Market and my favourite place to shop for cheese since I was introduced to this cheese heaven 10 years ago.

I love being handed a piece of cheese to taste the moment I step up to the counter!  

There is so much to choose from at Global Cheese that it can be overwhelming and no matter how many times I shop there, I will always find something new to indulge in, as they regularly carry over 300 types of cheese (they carry even more during the holiday season).

Shopping there can be a quick stop if you don’t look around and head directly to the counter with your goal in mind.  That is never usually my experience as there is just too much temptation surrounding me.

I have my favourites, like smoked Gouda, a creamy brie or a beautiful Havarti but I'm always willing to expand my cheese palate and will seek the advice of Manny, my cheese monger (it’s a job, Google it!) for something new to try.  He’s been tempting customers for so many years (34 to be exact!) that he always seems to know which cheese is the one for you.   Manny's not the only character working the counter at Global though, as they all seem to have a bit of entertainer in them which makes the whole experience just that - an experience!

Need a little something extra to go with that beautiful cheese you just picked up?  They've got you covered with a wide range of delectable delights like jams, pepper jellies, olives, olive oil and all the crunch you want with a great selection of crackers and biscuits that you might not find in your regular grocery store.  They also carry a small array of cold cuts so it’s really one stop shopping for your palate and a great place to pick up everything you need for a delicious night of entertaining.  They’ll even make your life easier by creating custom platters for you.

Location & store info

Global Cheese
76 Kensington Avenue

Store Hours
Mon to Fri / 9am-7pm
Sat / 8am-6pm
Sun / 9am-5pm

Great cheese can be found all over our city but nothing can compete with the experience of shopping at Global.  They really treat you like family and shopping there is enjoyable.  On one of my visits there Rosemarie had the whole store yelling “cheese!”.  Cheesy??? Yeah, but that's how I like my cheese :)

Where do you shop locally?  Do you have a favourite spot in Kensington Market?                       
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