Happy Mama's Day to all Mamas out there

contributing blog from Chris C.

I loved your blog on Mother's Day 2015, and it does NOT surprise me AT ALL to hear an estimate of a mum's salary of $253k a year. We are a one-stop-shop operation. Nurse cum Cook cum Taxi driver cum Coach cum Counsellor cum Hairdresser cum Teacher and on and on the list goes. We mama's know we are not JUST multitaskers, we can do A WHOLE LOT MORE in TOTAL.

Lately I have been investigating teaching sign language to my one-year old baby because according to my source of all knowledge YouTube (just kidding) there are babies communicating through sign language from as young as 5 months old. Well, I have to tell you, my baby and I are VERY BEHIND in that case.

"Recently it has become popular to use American Sign Language with hearing babies.  Researchers have found that it promotes earlier language development in these babies"

It has surprised me though that the sign for "Father" is an open palm with the thumb pointing to the BRAIN, and the sign for "Mother" is an open palm with the thumb pointing to the MOUTH. This brought back to me the words of Minister of Justice Peter MacKay last year when he sent out Mothers Day and Fathers Day messages to his staff. It basically said I salute you mums, you amazing multitaskers (my paraphrasing, you can google to read his exact words), and I salute you dads for "shaping the minds and futures of the next generation of leaders" (his exact words). So it seems us mama's, we are only good for feeding the little humans, while the papa's nurture their brains. But how many of us know the REAL truth! Any good mama out there knows that we are NATURAL TEACHERS of our kids!

Anyway, there is my Mothers Day reflection. Just wanted to share with you and all the downtown mums out there!!

Happy Mother's Day