mother's day 2015

Motherʼs Day is Sunday May 10th.  So why am I blogging about this now?  Because way too many of you think that the last minute gift you pick up from the drug store is a good way to honour the most important woman in your life. This year, you need to step up your game and show that woman how much you appreciate her.

Mom, if youʼre the one reading this then be sure to send your kids the link to this blog or simply print and highlight your favourites because you deserve to be celebrated.

Boys and girls if you need further proof that your mother is superwoman and should be treated like a queen read on. According to a recent article on 98.1CHFI, titled “How Much Should Mom Get Paid?”, all the jobs that mom does should earn her $253,000 a year.

I know itʼs hard to figure out what to get us for Motherʼs Day so here are some of my top picks that range in price and creativity. Thereʼs something for every mom and for every budget.

Motherʼs Day Gift Ideas                                                                                                                         

The mother of all gift ideas!
Send mom to Her Majestyʼs Pleasure. Itʼs one stop shopping for pampering for your mom. Wonderful range of spa services to pamper mom and a lounge/bar to satisfy her cravings. 

Traditional Ideas

Spa Day

Body Blitz Spa 
therapeutic waters, steam, sauna, massages, facials
2 locations: Adelaide & Portland and King & Sackville

Shea Coco
9 Hazelton Avenue
Yorkville (itʼs in Yorkville but doesnʼt have Yorkville prices!)

They have a full range of spa services and phenomenal service!  Ask for Sandra at the Yonge & St. Clair location she's amazing!

Saving Grace 
Rose & Sons 
Bonjour Brioche 
The Saint Tavern 

Richmond Station 
Le Paradis 
El Catrin 

High tea
King Edward Hotel 
Windsor Arms 
Annona at the Park Hyatt 
The Ritz-Carlton 

Prairie Girl 

Parterre Flowers 
Snowʼs Victory Florist 

Not So Traditional Ideas
Clean the house (to your motherʼs standard of clean, not yours!)
Canʼt clean that well? Hire a cleaning service like Molly Maid to do the job.

Cook for mom Make mom a meal, even better, make a few meals that can be frozen so mom gets a break for more than one day. Canʼt cook? Give Supperworks a call. 

Do the gardening May is the perfect time to clear the yard, do the weeding and plant some flowers for mom to enjoy for more than one day. No clue what youʼre doing? Head over to your local HomeDepot for some instructions from their gardening team and everything you need to get the job done.

Movie passes Give mom a gift certificate for her local movie theatre.
Rainbow Cinemas
Bloor Hot Docs Cinema 
The Revue 

Take her to a museum
Bata Shoe Museum 
Royal Ontario Museum 
Art Gallery of Ontario 

Celebrating your mother and showing her how much you appreciate her doesnʼt have to cost you a dime, it really just takes some thought and creativity. If you do want to give mom a gift, consider one of the options Iʼve given you or come up with something on your own. Either way your mom will love it. Why?  Because sheʼs your mom, thatʼs what we do.  Love you no matter what and cherish every gift youʼve ever given us.  Make this Mother's Day a day to remember :)