School's Out For Summer!

It’ll be here before you know it!

The kids will be out of school and as much parents are wonderfully entertaining, we have our limits.  Well, at least I did.  I loved hanging out with my daughter but my entertainment skills definitely had their limitations and with no siblings of her own, having that connection with other kids her age was important. I also needed to have a safe, engaging place for her to spend her day while I was at work. That’s where camp comes in.  Sleep away camp is a great experience for a kid but itʼs not for every kid or every family. Some kids just aren't inclined to sleep away from home and for many families, the cost is extremely prohibitive.  So what are your options?

With the end of school nearly here, if you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s time to think about what the kids are going to do this summer.  Toronto has many options, something to suit every child and every family budget.  Whether your kids are into the outdoors, are budding inventors or love getting creative with their hands there are great day camps available in our city. Here are some of the options I've found...

City of Toronto Summer Camps

City of Toronto Summer Camps

The City of Toronto has a wide variety of camps for kids ages 3-17 years old with camps conveniently located all over the city.  Searching their site is quite easy with camps listed by location or area of interest.

Activity camps give kids the chance to get involved in games, sports and arts & crafts.   Specialty camps offer a more specific experience in a particular sport or area of interest and for the kids that love to get outdoors, the city has locations throughout the city that cater to that kind of experience.  Toronto Island Camps have all sorts of entertaining, educational and inspirational camp themes that are sure to excite your kids.  Eco and nature studies, organic gardening, boating skills, nature exploration, island tram tours and fishing are some of the options available to our young city dwellers.

The YMCA has long been an option for city camps because they offer over 50 programs at 36 locations. They have day or overnight camps to choose from in the GTA and a wide range of activities and learning experiences.




The Y's Day Camp Theme weeks are the coolest, making you the coolest parents ever if your kids get to experience them!!  Imagine how much fun "Carnival", "Pirates vs. Ninjas" and "Summerween" must be. Even if your kids are first timers to camp or possibly a little anxious about going, it'll be kind of hard not to have a great time at the Y this summer.  

I have always opted for day camps near my house but I have friends who preferred to have their children closer to work and would find camps that were either right near their job or on their commute. Some facilities even offer extended camp options for an early drop off or a late pick-up for anyone whose job isn't as 9-5 as it's supposed to be (whose job is these days?).

One option I found interesting is the Design Exchange Day Camp.  Located in the former Toronto Stock Exchange building on Bay Street, it’s a great option for parents who work in the financial district with kids interested in fashion or design-based camps.  Some of the programs have only a couple of spots left so you need to register ASAP!

These are just a few of the other options available to you downtown or throughout the GTA.  

TDSB Camps are easy to locate by school district. The 2015 camp schedule will be available on their site June 1, 2015.








Summer in the city can be an exciting time for kids and city camps can be an important part of their summertime experience. They’ll learn new skills, enjoy new experiences and make new friends.  There is really something for everyone with all the options available in the GTA to families of kids of all ages. Booking early is important but don’t panic, there are a ton of places to check out and probably quite a few that will suit your family’s needs.  It's almost the middle of May though, so it’s time to do your homework and give your kids a memorable summer camp experience.